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    Q: A plane is flying 500 bricks. 1 fall out, how many are left?

    A: 499

    Q: What are the 3 steps to putting a monkey in the fridge?

    A: 1 open door 2 put monkey in 3 close door

    Q: What are the 4 steps to putting a elephant in the fridge?

    A: 1 open fridge 2 take monkey out 3 put elephant in 4 close door.

    Q: The lion king is having a birthday party, all animals show up except one. Who and why not?

    A: The elephant because it is stuck in the fridge

    Q: Sally wants to cross a alligator infested river. The only way to cross is to swim. She makes it across safely why?

    A: All the alligators are at the birthday party

    Q: Sally dies anyways why?

    A: She was hit in the head with a flying brick.

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