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  • Challenge Joke
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    So a man walks into a bar where there is a challenge going around.
    The man asks the bartender what the challenge was.
    The bartender replied "First you have to drink a bottle of the hottest chili pepper tequila in the world. Then you have to pull a loose tooth out of the alligator outside. Finally there is a woman upstairs that still has her virginity. Fuck her."
    The man says that there is no way he is going to do that.
    A few years later the man is very poor and realized that there is a million dollar prize. So he walks into the bar and asks the bartender to give him the tequila. Downing the whole thing the man walks drunkedly out the door to the alligator.
    About an hour later, after a whole bunch of screaming and yelling and moaning, the man comes back into the bar all bloody and torn up and asks "Mmmmmm where's that girl with the loose tooth?"

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