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  • Fishy Quip Joke
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    My wife and I were shopping at a store that was having a sale on cod loins.
    She instructed the man behind the counter to pick out eight of the solidly frozen pieces but wrap them in pairs so we could take just enough for the two of us.
    He obliged and as he tried to wrap all four bundles into two sheets of butchers wrap, the whole pile slide across the countertop.
    Luckily, he caught it and my wife remarked, "Quick reflexes; if those hit the floor, you might've had fish pieces all over the place."
    And I quipped, "Yeah, you might have had to do a 52 COD PICKUP!!"
    To which the lady working at the meat slicer behind the man turned and said, "Oh my cod...did you realy say that??"
    True story...once every 15 years or so I think of something witty...

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