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  • Moral Of The Story Joke
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    There once was this lady that could not have kids.
    So she prayed to God for a baby. So God gave her a baby, but it was just a head.
    So she decided to love the head just as much as any other kid.
    Well when the head got older and older, he would sit on a pillow on top of a stool, and look out across the street and watch the kids play kickball in the park everyday.
    Well everyday he would get sadder and sadder knowing he could not play kickball, because he had no legs.
    So one night he prayed to God for legs and feet. The next morning he wokeup to find he had legs and feet.
    He was so happy he ran outside to play kickball. While he was playing kickball the ball kept going in the street.
    He got sadder and sadder knowing he could not pick up the ball, because he had no arms and hands.
    So right there and then he prayed to God for arms and hands.
    All of the sudden he had arms and hands, he was so happy.
    The very next time the ball went in the street he said, " I'll get it! I'll get it."
    So he ran into the street to get the ball, and as he was leaning down to pick it up a car came and ran him over killing him.
    The whole moral of the story is TO QUIT WHILE YOUR AHEAD!

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