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  • No Arms No Legs Joke
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    There was this woman on the beach with no arms or legs.
    Shes been crying for about five minutes when a man came over he said, "Ma'am are you okay?"
    She said "As you can tell i have no arms or legs and I've never been hugged before" so he hugs her and moves along on his way.
    Fifteen minutes later shes still crying when another man comes walking over he says, "Ma'am are you okay?"
    She stops crying and answers,"As you can see i have no arms or legs and I've never been kissed before" so he kisses her and moves on his way.
    Twenty minutes later, shes still crying. a third man sees her crying he stops and asks, "Ma'am why are you crying?"
    So she says ,"I've been hugged, kissed, loved and rejected, but I've never been fucked before."
    He smiles and implies, "Well, that can be arranged" he then picks her up and throws her in the water and yells, "Now you're fucked!"

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