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  • Roadkill Joke
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    There was a big big animal lover and he was driving down a desert road and a bunny suddenly jumped in front of his car and he couldn't slow down fast enough so he ran over the bunny and killed the bunny.
    He pulled over got out of his car and he looked at the bunny and started crying.
    Then this other car came into view and saw what was happening and pulled over and got out of his car and put his hands on his shoulder and said "Oh! I think I have just the thing!" and ran over to his car and got a bottle of liquid and he opened up the bottle and poured it onto the bunny and the bunny jumped up and started hopping down the street.
    Then the bunny turned and around and waved and every few feet he would wave until he went off into the sunset.
    The man turned to the other man and said "That was amazing how did you do that? What is in that bottle."
    And the man handed him the bottle and it said "Hare Restored Permanent Wave Solution."

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