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  • Serbian Joke
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    There was once a dude named Milosch that was from Serbia.
    He went to a restaurant and they always sang "memememememe"
    The next day he went to another restaurant the waiter said "forks & knives".
    When he went to his hotel in the lobby 2 children were arguing. Milosch asked what they were arguing about and the boy on the left said that the other guy stole his lollipop.
    He went to his room and watched a soccer game where the announcer said "goal!!!!"
    The next day he went to the airport and someone died. The cop asked who did it
    Milosch: "meme memmemememe"
    Cop: "How did you do it?"
    Milosch: "Forks and Knives."
    Cop: "Why?"
    Milosch: "He stole my lollipop."
    Cop: "You're going to jail dude"
    Milosch "Goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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