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  • Taxi Driver Joke
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    Two guys from New York City were in heaven for about a year. One was a preacher, the other a taxi driver.
    One day the Lord was making his rounds when the preacher asked Him if He had a minute.

    "Sure" said the Lord. What's the problem?"

    "Well" said the former preacher, "I'm not very happy here in heaven"

    "Why not?" asked the Lord.

    "Well, I don't like to complain Sir but that taxi driver is getting better treatment than me and I don't think that's right since I preached your word on earth very faithfully for 52 years"

    "Well son," said the Lord, "truth is, when you were doing your work, most folks were sleeping.

    But you know when that man did his job, they were praying!

    Three Drunks
    Three drunk guys get in a taxi and the taxi driver ask's 'where are we are we going'
    [He knew they were drunk] so the taxi driver starts the car and then stops we have reached your destination.
    As the first guy gives him the money, the second guy thanks him and the third guy slaps him.
    'He asked what was that for' thinking he knew what the driver had done the third guy said 'slow down next time, you nearly killed us;

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