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  • Three Beers Joke
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    Every night this guy would come into the bar, and order three beer ; one at a time , drink them and leave

    As the months went by the bartender was wondering why always three beer.

    The next night the same guy came in and sat down on the stool and asked for a beer and quietly started drinking it.

    The bartender asks "Hey friend, why do you always drink three beers night after night?"

    The guy replied,"Well.. it's a long story , but it's to remind me of my war buddies who didn't survive. I drink one beer for Bill, one beer for Tom and the other beer is for me."

    As the months went by the bartender noticed his friend was drinking only two beer. This puzzled him even more.

    Again he asked, "Hey friend, before you came in here months on end and drank three beer. Why'd you cut back to two beer?"

    The guy replies, "I quit drinking!"

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