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  • Three Friends Joke
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    There were three friends and got lost in Amazon jungle, cannibals got them and said to them that if they want not to get killed each one of them needs to find a kind of fruit and take 10 fruits of the same kind.
    The first guy found apples,the cannibals said that he needs to put all apples in ass without he puted the first,second,third but in the fourth he screamed so he got killed.
    The second guy found cherry,they said to him he needs to put 10 of them in ass without he puted 1,2,3...9 and he screamed so they killed him too.
    The first and the second guy met each other in the heaven and the first guy asked the second guy,why did u screamed while u got 1 more cherry to put in ass and to save your life!
    He replied: "I didnt scream because it hurted me, i screamed when i saw that fool (the third guy) coming with watermelons!

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