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  • 3 Thieves Joke
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    3 women are on the loose after robbing a bank, they see a house the decide to hide there the first person goes into a dog kennel, the second person gets into a cat cage, the blonde goes into a potato sack.
    The cops show up, the first person says "woof woof" I'm a dog,
    the second person says "meow meow" I'm a cat,
    the blonde says "POTATO POTATO POTATO" and the cops bust them

    So a brunette, a ginger, and a blonde are running from the police. They find a barn, so they hide there. The brunette is hiding behind a horse. The ginger is hiding behind a cow. The blonde is hiding behind a potato bag. The police come in and kick the horse, so the brunette goes,"Neigh!" The police apoligize. The police kick the cow. The ginger goes,"Moo!" The police kick the sack of potatoes, So the blonde goes,"Potato, Potato!"
    There were these three girls that escaped from prison, one was a red head, one was a brunette, and one was a blonde.
    There was a cop chasing them, so they ran into a barn to hide.
    They found three sacks of potatoes and hid in them.
    The cop came in and kicked the first sack wich was the red head. So the red head said" woof woof".
    " oh thats just puppies" said the cop.
    Then he kicked the second sack wich was the brunette. So the brunette said, " meow, meow". "
    oh thats just kitties" said the cop.
    Then he kicked the third sack wich was the blonde.
    So the blonde said " potatoe, potatoe".

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