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  • Football Game Joke
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    One time, a blonde and her boyfriend went to a football game. As the game continued the blonde did nothing but just sit in her seat. After the game her boyfriend asked how she liked the game.
    She replied with "I'm confused, I don't get the game at all!"
    The blonde's boyfriend asked what she didn't get.
    "After they flipped the coin, they just kept trying to get the quarter back!"

    A boyfriend decided that for his anniversary with his blonde girlfriend he was going to take her to her first football game. The whole time she seemed to enjoy it. At the end he asked her how she liked it.

    "Okay I guess, I just don't understand why they are all want that stupid quarter." she replied.

    "What do you mean?" he asked.

    "At the beginning of the game they did a coin toss with a quarter and one team kept it. Then for the rest of the game people where yelling "GET THEE QUARTER BACK! GET THEME QUARTER BACK!" I just don't get it."

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