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  • Hunting Trip Joke
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    There was a brunette, redhead, and a blonde that went hunting the brunette and the redhead came back and both got a deer.
    The blonde asked,"how did you get a deer"
    They said they followed the tracks.
    Well then the blonde followed the tracks and the next thing you know she was in the hospital.
    The brunette and the red head asked her "What happened", and she said,"You guys told me to follow the train tracks".

    A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead decide to embark on a three day hunting spree, with one woman hunting one night each.
    On the first night, the redhead goes out hunting for a deer.
    When she comes back, the brunette and the blonde ask, "Did you find the tracks?"
    The redhead replies, "I found the tracks, followed the tracks, and caught a deer."
    On the second night, the brunette goes out hunting for a rabbit.
    When she comes back, the blonde and the redhead ask, "Did you find the tracks?"
    The brunette replies, "I found the tracks, followed the tracks, and caught a rabbit."
    On the third night, it's the blonde's turn to go out hunting.
    When the blonde comes back looking roughed up, the redhead and the brunette ask in shock, "What happened to you?!"
    The blonde replies, "I found the tracks, followed the tracks, and got hit by a train."

    One day three hunters set out into the woods one was the greatest hunter ever, another was good, and the last was the worst hunter ever.

    So they set out into the woods. The greatest hunter ever went first, and he comes back with a bear. The other hunters asked in amazement,"how you do that". The hunter replies,"I see bear track-I see bear-I shoot bear-Bear die.

    So the second hunter heads out and comes back with a deer, and the worst hunter says,"how did you get that". The hunter says,"I see deer track-I see deer-I shoot deer-Deer die.

    So the worst hunter in the world, a blonde, goes and comes back wounded. Both the hunters ask,"what happened". The blonde then replies,"I see train track-I see train-I shoot train-Train no die.

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