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  • Mailman Joke
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    A mailman was getting ready to retire and it was his last day on the job. At the first house the man greeted him at the door and gave him a cigar. The mailman said thank you and went on his way. At the second house a woman gave him $20 and said she would miss him. Again he said thank you and went on his way. At the third house a beautiful blonde opened the door then pulled him to her bedroom. They made love for a while. Afterwards she made him breakfast. As he ate he noticed a $1 under his coffee cup.

    The man asks "This has been great and all but what is the dollar for?"

    The woman replied "Well last night when I told my husband about this being your last day I asked him what I should give you. He said screw him, give him a dollar. The breakfast was my idea."

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