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  • Suicidal Blonde Joke
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    A blonde is standing on a pier with intentions of commiting suicide. A sailor walks past and asks her whats wrong. She says my life stinks and you dont want to know. The sailor tells her he's sailing to America and he will look after her, feed her and make sure she is OK. The blonde asks what dose he want in return for his help.
    He says your a good looking woman and I think you know what I want, and the blonde grudgingly agrees to keep him happy sexually.
    Two weeks later the captain of the ship is doing his rounds and finds the blonde in the hold of the ship. "What are you doing in here" the captain says. She replies that one of his crew is looking out for her.
    He asks her what she is doing for him, and she replies "He's Fucking me.
    The captain says "he sure is, this is the Liverpool ferry".

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