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  • Your A Clown Joke
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    You: Hey why are you putting on makeup?
    Blonde: 'cuz I wanna look pretty.
    You: You mean you wanna look like a clown?
    Blonde: There's a clown? Where?
    You: Right there. It's you.
    Blonde: I'm scared of clowns!!!
    You: Oh well I guess you've become your worst nightmare. Now you'll always be a clown.
    Blonde: (shrieks) brb.
    Blonde comes back with gun, Would this change anything?
    You: yes but-
    She shoots herself.
    I was gonna say that she could just wipe off the makeup and she'd be fine but whatever. It's better this way. You think.
    Some blondes are just too stupid to understand that killing yourself isn't always the answer.

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