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  • Cedar Chest Joke
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    There were these three guys up at the pearly gates and they're telling Peter how they sided and the first guy says "Well,the strangest thing happened, I had just got home from work and my wife was naked but her hair was dry so I knew that she hadnt taken a shower so I freaked out and I went outside one my back landing and I saw a guy's fingertips on the railing and I could just barely see the top of his head so I yelled YOU MOTHERFUCKER!! and I grabbed a flower pot and mashed his fingers so he fell down six stories onto the pavement and I knew he wasn't dead so I grabbed a cedar chest and threw it on him. Then I knew he was dead so I had just realized what just happened and I had a heart attack and died." Peter says " alright you can go in."

    The next guy comes up and tell Peter" Well, the strangest thing happened, I was doing my job, washing windows as usual and I slipped and fell I thought for sure I was gonna die but I caught onto the railing of a back landing with just the tips of my fingers. I was hanging there for about 10 minutes and finally I heard screaming and yelling so I thought someone would come to help me but instead and idiot smashed my damn fingers with a flower pot so I fell onto the pavement 6 stories down and I was Latin there..about to die and the dumbass throws a fucken cedar chest on me and that's how I died." Peter says " Alright, you can go in" Then the third guy comes up and tell Peter how he died and says " Well, the strangest thing happened. I was sitting naked in a cedar chest on the back of a 6th story building and some motherfucken asshole comes and throws me off onto the cement and that's how I died."

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