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  • Farmers Daughters Joke
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    There was once an old farmer whose only virtue was 3 beautiful daughters. One night, they were all going out on dates with their respective beaus. There came a knock at the door, and he answered.

    "Hi!" said the young man standing there. "My nameís Joe. Iím here to pick up Flo. weíre going to the show. Is she ready to go?" "Yes, Iíll go and get her" said the farmer.

    About 10 minutes later thereís another knock. "Hi, my nameís Eddy. Iím here to pick up Betty. Weíre going to eat spaghetti. Is she ready?" So the farmer goes and fetches her.

    Another 10 minutes go by, and thereís a 3rd knock. "Hi, my nameís Tucker!" And before he can say another word, the farmer grabs him by the neck, drags him out back, and shoots him.

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