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  • Finishin School Joke
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    One day, two women, Charlotte and Scarlet, were sittin on Charlotte's porch talkin and sippin tea on a nice alabama evening.
    So they're just talkin' and an awkard silence breaks ground, then Charlotte decides to brag.
    She turns to Scarlet and says "now honey, you see this house right here? well, my husband bought me this house and it costin him $1,000,000."
    And Scarlet just smiles and says "Well ain't that nice?"
    Charlotte looks shocked that she didnt reply with a smart allic remark.
    Then says "you see all this land over and back here? well, my husband bought me that and it costin him $1,000,000."
    And Scarlet justs says "well aint that nice?"
    And Charlotte becomes irritated and says "well what has your husband done for you lately?"
    Scarlet says "he sent me to finishin school."
    "Finishin school? what they teach you there?"
    And Scarlet says "they taught me instead of sayin go fuck yourself, they told me to say 'well aint that nice?'"

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