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  • Fireman Joke
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    A fireman comes home from work and is all excited. He just canít wait to tell his wife the good news about a new system that they have down at the station.

    "Honey!" he says, "youíre not going to believe this! Down at the station we have this new system and itís so great."

    "When Bell #1 goes off we put on all our gear."

    "When Bell #2 goes off we slide down the pole and jump in the fire truck."

    "When Bell #3 goes off we speed to the fire in the fire truck." He excitedly tells his wife.

    Triumphantly he says, "Weíre going to do the same thing for our sex life!"

    "When Bell #1 goes off we are going to strip naked."

    "When Bell #2 goes off we will jump into bed".

    "When Bell #3 goes off we will screw our brains out. Letís give a test run. OK, ready?"

    "Bell #1!" (they strip naked)

    "Bell #2!" (they hop into bed)

    "Bell #3!" (they start screwing there brains out)

    A couple of minutes later the wife starts screaming "Oh, Bell #4! Bell #4!".

    The husband confused says,"Bell #4, Whatís that?"

    The wife screams "More hose! More hose! Your not reaching the fire!"

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