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    Three men are on a road trip when they pull over to stay at a hotel that they see. They go in and see the lady who apparently runs the joint and they ask her for a vacant room. She replied, "Sure, but only if you DON'T go into the basement!". The men agree and she gives them a room. That night, the men are so curious that they sneak into the basement...only to find that it's full of chopped off dicks!! The woman that runs the places sees them and says, "Okay, now I'm going to have to add you all to my collection." She asks the first man, "What does YOUR father do for a living?" and he says "Well, my dad is in the lawnmowing business." So the woman finds a lawnmover and off goes his dick. The woman asks the second man, "What does YOUR father do for a living?" he replies in tears "My dad is in the tool supply industry." So she finds a saw and off does his dick. The woman then turns to the third guy only to see that he is laughing hysterically! "Why the hell are you laughing?!? Don't you know what's going to happen to you!?!" He smiles and says, "Yeah, my dad is in the lollipop business--you're gonna hafta suck mine off!"

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