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    Two disheveled and starving hobos were walking through an alley. As they got to the middle of the alley, laying in their path was a dead cat. Before a word was said, one of them grabbed it and started to eat the thing. A couple of bites into his feast, he stopped, looked at his friend with blood and fur smeared across his face and said, "Hey Brother, I know that you're hungry too. You want to share some of this cat with me?" "Hell, no!" the second guy said. "That thing has been dead for days, it's full of maggots, and probably died from some sort of disease!" "Suit yourself!" the first one replied. He choked down the entire animal; guts, fur, maggots and all. A little while later, he stopped, held his stomach and said, "Ugh! I don't feel so good. Maybe there was something wrong with that cat!" At that point, he puked his lunch back up, splattering it all over the sidewalk. His friend got down on all fours, and began to lick the mess up, off the pavement. He looked up at his pal with a smile and said, "Thanks, man! I haven't had a warm meal in weeks!"

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