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  • Horse Laugh Joke
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    A guy walks into a bar and another guy is bragging that no one can make his horse laugh and he'll give fifty buck to whomever can.
    So the guy says I'll do it. he goes outside and a few minutes later the horse and him come in the horse laughing its ass off.
    The guy gives him the fifty bucks and he leaves.
    About a week passes and the guy walks back into the bar the same guy is bragging about how nobody can make his horse cry and whomever can he'll give fifty bucks to.
    The same guy says I'll take you up on that offer.
    So he goes outside and a few minutes later comes back in with the horse the horse balling its eyes out.
    The owner gives him fifty bucks and asks how did you get my horse to laugh and cry so hard.
    The guy replies the first time I told him my cock was bigger then his the second time I proved it.

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