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  • Hospital Call Joke
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    Man gets phone call from hospital saying to his wife had been in a terrible car accident.
    "Oh no!"he cried as he rushed to the hospital.
    When he arrives the doctor says he has bad news "Before you go in to see her, i need to tell you that its very very bad news"
    "Oh nooo" the man cried.
    "she will need you 24 hours a day" the doctor explained.
    "oh my god,not my wife !"the man continued to wail.
    "she will need you to feed her" the doctor continued.
    "oooh no!"the man cried louder.
    "your wife will need you to bath her."
    "why me???"he yelled.
    "and you will have to wipe her ass n change her diapers"
    The man falls to his knees.
    "Get up sir, I was just fuckn w ya..She died." the doctor chuckles.

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