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  • Janitor Joke
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    A janitor was sweeping the floor in church when the priest pokes his head out of the confession both and said to the janitor can you take over for me while I use the bathroom?
    The janitor says "Yes but I never done this before"
    The priest said "Oh it's easy I made a list of all sins and punishments. Come in I will show you"
    Awhile later a guy walks in and said forgive me father for I have sinned I taken money.
    The priest said "From Where"
    The guy says "from my mother and gambled it and lost it"
    The priest said "Say some prayers and come to mass."
    The priest said to the janitor "That wasn't too bad was it? Now can you do this for me?"
    Janitor said "Ok."
    The priest gets up and leaves. Moments later a attractive young girl goes into the booth and said "Forgive me father for I have sinned I gave a blowjob to a complete stranger for $10."
    The janitor is looking on the list to see what it falls under for sin. it doesn't fall under thou shall thou not commit adultery so in a panic he pokes his head out and seen an alter boy walk by and asks "What does the priest give for a blowjob?"
    The alter boy replies "Oh a snickers bar & a can of coke."

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