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  • Jealous Husband Joke
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    A jealous husband came home one day furious. "O.K. where is he? I know he's here!"

    The wife replied "Where is who? What are you talking about?"

    Husband says "He's around here some where, the guy you've been messing around with". He tears through the closets and rooms.He can't find anyone. His wife tells him he's over reacting.

    Suddenly he hears a car start up, he runs to the window to see a guy getting in a car below. Frustrated he takes the fridge and throws it through the window.

    The car blows up and kills the guy in it. While tossing the fridge the husband has a massive heart attack and also dies.

    They both arrive in heaven and meet each other.

    The husband asks "How'd you get here?"

    "All I know is some guy threw a fridge out the window and killed me"

    "Geeze, sorry that was me"

    The guy forgives him.

    A little later they pass a naked guy just entering heaven and ask him how he arrived in heaven.

    He replied "I was in the fridge minding my own business when......"

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