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  • Koala Prostitute Joke
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    Local Zoo
    One night a koala bear escapes from the local zoo.
    After hours of roaming the city, he makes his way into a prostitutes' apartment window.
    As she lies sleeping he starts to eat her out.
    Upon finishing the koala begins to climb out the window, the hooker sits up shouts "Whoa buddy, you owe me $25."
    The koala was confused, so she grabs a dictionary and shows the word 'prostitute'- One who gives sexual acts in exchange for money.
    The koala shakes his head in dismay and has her flip to the word 'koala'- Mammal from Australia,eats bushes and leaves.

    Koala Bear
    A koala bear wandered into a whorehouse and found a sleeping prostitute.
    The bear crawled up on her and started licking her privates.
    The woman woke up and was a little freaked out to see a bear licking her, but she decided it felt pretty good and she let the bear continue.
    The koala kept going and eventually mounted the prostitute, has a great old time, and then walked toward the door.
    The prostitute got up and shouted at the bear, "Hey, you have to pay for that!"
    The koala shrugged."No, you don"t understand." she said to the bear, "I"m a pro-sti-tute. PRO-STI-TUTE. I get paid for having sex!"
    The koala stared blankly."Look, right here."
    The prostitute grabbed a dictionary and showed the koala the definition. "Says right here, "Prostitute: One who is paid for sexual services."
    The koala looked at the book, then flipped the pages back to "Koala" and showed her the definition:"Australian marsupial that eats bush and leaves."

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