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  • Level Of Thinking Joke
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    A teacher walk in a class, and said "students, I am here to teach you by using your imagination to answer my questions" , and her first question was, "I have a round green fruit in my hands behind me, what do you think it is?"
    And then a student raises his hands and answered "Maam! it is an orange! " and the teacher said "wrong! but i like your level of thinking".
    And then she asked another question, and none of the student couldn't answer, so one smart boy called Frank asked, "Miss! i also have one question for you,
    The teacher said "Go on Frank and ask me" and the boy said,"Miss i also have something long, big and hard in my pocket, what do you think it is maam?"
    And then the teacher shouted "You are a bad boy Frank, sit down"
    And the boy said, "you are wrong miss, it is a pen, but i like your level of thinking" and then the whole class started laughing.

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