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  • Little Bart Joke
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    There was a little boy that was the new kid at a catholic school (because of his behavior his parents decided this would be the best for him).
    And on his first day of school a little girl goes up to him and ask his name "My name is Bart they call me fart and that pisses me off", he said.
    The bell rings and the teacher tells the class that they have a new student and ask him to stand up and tell them his name again he replies,"My name is Bart they call me fart and that pisses me off"!
    The teacher then sends him down to the principles office and she ask where he lived because his parents where not answering the phone "I live on third,they call it turd and that pisses me off" he replied.
    Well the principle takes her belt off (skirt falls down) and waves it at him saying, "Do you know what I'm going to do?"
    He reply's "Yes! You want to diddle and I'm to little and that pisses me off."

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