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    Camping Trip
    A class were going on a camping trip and a boy called Jimmy asks his teacher "Miss can i sleep in your tent tonight?"
    And the teacher replies "No Jimmy" then Jimmy says but miss my mum lets me and the teacher says ok just this once.. this happens another three times.
    Then on the fourth night Jimmy asks "Miss can i put my finger in your belly button?"
    And the teacher says "no Jimmy"
    Then Jimmy says but my mum lets me and the teacher says ok just this once.
    Later that night the teacher says "Jimmy thats not my belly button" and jimmy replies "Thats not my finger."

    Little Jimmy was lost at the beach, so he went up to the life guard and said,"i've lost my dad!"
    The life guard said, "Whats he like?"
    Jimmy replied, "Beer and women!"

    A mother took her little boy to church while in church the little boy says to his mother "Mommy I have to pee"
    The mother said it is not appropriate to pee in church from now on whenever you have to pee say you have to whisper.
    The following Sunday the little boy went to church with his father during the service the little boy says to his daddy "I have to whisper"
    The father say "Okay whisper in my ear."

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