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  • Marijuana Joke
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    Rabbit sits on a bank of the sea and smokes weed,
    little fish sees him and asks him: rabbit, what are you doing?,
    -I am smoking weed.
    -But why?
    -Because it makes me feel great!
    -Nice, can i smoke with you please?
    -Sure, why not!
    -But how do I smoke?
    -Just inhale few puffs, keep it in your gills for a while and you will feel awesome.

    Fish really inhales few puffs, says bye to the rabbit and swims away. She got really high and thought that everything is awesome in the sea. Suddenly, big blue whale sees her. He says: Hi little fish, where did you get so high?
    -With a rabbit.
    -Cool, he is my old friend! Where is he?
    -He is up there on the bank of the sea.

    And whale showes out from the sea in a front of he rabitt and says: Hi rabbit!
    And poor rabbit jumps in the air drops out the joint and starts to scream obviously terrified: "Exhale fish, exhale."

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