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  • Money In Jar Joke
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    A guy walks into a bar and says to the bartender "What's that bucket for?"
    The bartender says "Its a test you enter in $10 and if you get the test right you get all the money in the jar."
    The guy asks "What is the test?"
    The bartender replies "Well first put ten bucks in the jar then I will tell you."
    The man says "Ok" and puts $10 in the jar.
    The bartender says "First you have to drink a whole bottle of pepper jack whiskey without making a face second there is a pit-bull out back that hasn't eaten in three days and has a sore tooth you have to pull the tooth out and the last thing you have to do is have sex with the old lady up stairs she has never had an orgasm before so make her happy."
    The guy thinks for a minute and says "I don't know if I can do this," and the bartender says "Think on it I will give you a drink on the house."
    A few minutes later the guy comes back a little drunk and says "givvvee mee thatz bottleee of pepper jackkk"
    The bartender hands it to the guy the guy drinks all of it and doesn't make a face and says "take me out back to the pit-bull" and the bartender takes him to the pit the dog started barking and growling and just when everyone thought the man was dead.
    The guy comes back in takes another drink of beer and says "OK nows were is that old lady with the sore tooth?"

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