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  • My Mama Told Me Joke
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    There was a woman doing her dishes, and as she looked out the window she spied her little boy buck naked and just ready to mount the neighbor girl. She ran outside and grabbed her son and brought him into the house while scolding him and telling him that "You can't do that, she's got teeth in there and she'll bite IT off."
    Being as impressionable as little kids are, he went through his whole life believing what his mother had told him....
    So, to make a long story short......
    It was his wedding night, and his bride had gotten herself all dolled up, and was laying on the bed and said "Come on Honey, let's do it."
    To which the groom replied "Oh no, my Mamma told me that you've got teeth in there and you'll bite IT off."
    So the bride lifted up her nightie, spread her legs, grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and shoved his face in her crotch and said "Look, do you see any teeth down there?"
    And the groom said
    "NO, and no wonder, look what shape your gums are in!"

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