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  • The Newlyweds Joke
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    A couple just gets hitched, and after all of the receiving their gifts, the party afterwards, ect. they finally leave for their honeymoon.
    About 3 hours on the trip they decide to get a room for the night and continue in the morning.
    The groom sees a motel and pulls in to get a room. The groom goes into the lobby and meets up with the motel clerk. He tells him that he was just married and wants a room for the night.
    The clerk looks at him and says, " My daughter was just married last week to the greatest man.I want to give you two the honeymoon sweet on the house."
    The groom is so happy and thanks the clerk grabs the keys and drive around the back of the hotel and carries his wife up the stairs, opens the door and lays his newlywed wife on the bed. He runs down stairs to get their luggage, and brings it to their room.
    "Darlin', why don't you slip into something more comfortable and I'll be right back with something to drink."
    So he give her a quick kiss and leaves to get some drinks.
    As his wife is laying on the bed with hardly anything on, next door there is a Amtrak train station and a train pulls into the station, which shakes the hotel so bad it throws the bride onto the floor! She gets up pushes the bed back to the wall, and continues to wait for her hubby.
    Well the train fills up with people and starts to pull out of the station, which again shakes the building and throws her out of the bed again!!
    She calls the front desk and the said the will be right there. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door and the bride pulls up her covers and yells to come in. The clerk opens the door and nails the bed to the floor. "This should do it.. If it is O.K. I want to see if it will throw me out." She says O.K. and he gets on the other side of the bed to see if just nailing the bed down, that everything will be alright.
    Now just about this time the newlywed husband walks into the room and sees his wife in the same bed as the desk clerk.
    "What in the hell are you doing in bed with my WIFE!!"
    The innocent desk clerk , shaking, looks up to him and says, " Would you believe we are waiting for a train?"

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