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  • Pineapple Rings Joke
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    Three guys are walking down the street and they pass a store with windows all blacked out in a strip mall.
    They walk on by later down the road they say what was the sign in the window of that store it says relaxation 100. 200. and 300.
    Which one is going in for the relaxations they decide for odd man out so they flipped and the first guys goes for the 100 relaxation.
    He goes in the store and the lady behind the desk says can i help you and the guy says i am here for 100 relaxation.
    She says go thru the door and take your clothes off and i will be in to look after you in a minute.
    She came in with a plate with a dole pineapple ring and placed over the end of his dick and she eat the pineapple then they had sex and he went out to tell his two buddies what a wonderful time he had for his 100 dollars.

    The two guys left now have to flip for odd man out so the second guys goes in for the 200 dollar relaxation
    He got the same thing as the first guy but he got 2 rings of dole pineapple.
    He goes out a tells the last uy what wonderful time he had.

    However the third guy says I am not paying 300 for pineapple i dont like pineapple.
    But he was the last man out.... about an hour later the third guys comes out of the store and he bent over and is crying his two buddies run up to him and say what is the matter with you we had such a good time for our 100 and 200 relaxation .....
    The third guy says i went into the store the lady behind the desk asked me was i there for 300 relaxation i went into the back room i took off my clothes and sat down on the massage table she came in an along black nightie and with the whole can of pineapple
    She drank the juice and took each one the pineapple ring and placed over my dick and then she went away and came back with a can of ready whip and went up and down with the ready whip and she went away again and there i am with this mess on my lap and then came back with cherry and put it on top.
    And it looked soooooo good I ate myself.

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