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  • Pissed Off Cowboy Joke
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    A cowboy who had been on the trail for 6 months came in to town an the only place to eat was a fancy resturant and the only place to sit was beside a young lady and he couldn't help hearing her place her order which goes as follows "I'll have breast of fowl make sure it's virgin fowl a side order of greens an a sweet tea and waiter open a window I smell a horse there must be a cowboy in here." Thoroughly pissed off the cowboy places his order like this "I"ll have fucked duck make sure it's fucked fuck it yourself garnish my plate with horseshit and bring me a cup of coffee as strong as mule piss and blow the foam off with a fart an waiter knock down a wall I smell a cunt there must be a whore in here."

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