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  • Red and Green Joke
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    Two guys are sitting nervously in the doctor's office.
    They start to talk, and one says he had a green ring at the base of his dick; the other admits to having a red ring, and they're both very nervous.
    The guy with the red ring is called in, and comes out five minutes later smiling.
    He gives the other guy a thumbs up and leaves. The green-ringed guy goes in.
    The doctor examines him and says, "Son, I have bad news. We're going to have to amputate your dick."
    Horrified, the guy says, "But that other guy had a RED ring on his dick, mine is GREEN. Surely, in medicine, red is a worse symptom than green!"
    The doctor sighs and says, "Son, there's a hell of a difference between listick and gangrene."

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