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  • Roadtrip Joke
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    This guy was taking his son on a roadtrip...and the man pulls out a bottle of beer. The son looking so amazed asks "Dad can I have one?"

    The man replies "Can your dick touch your ass?"

    The son says "No"

    The dad replies "Then your not old enough"
    A few miles later the dad pulls out a cigarette.

    The son says "Dad can I have a drag"

    The dad goes " Can your dick touch your ass?"

    The son replies once more "No"...

    The dad then stops off at a gas station noticing that his son isn't having too much fun and buys him a lottery ticket...Turns out the lottery ticket was a winning one..

    The dad then asks the son "Hey how about you share some of that with your old man"

    The son then replies "Can your dick touch your ass?"

    The dad, in excitement bursts out screaming "Yes Yes Yes!"

    and the son replies....

    "Good...go fuck yourself then..."

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