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  • Shock Therapy Joke
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    Once upon a time there was a psychologist who wanted to give a really obnoxious patient a shock treatment. Instead she suggested that this woman use a dildo to relieve her sexual frustrations. So, this woman bought the dildo and an extra set of batteries. She could use in the morning for four hours, when her husband was not home. However, she wanted more, and was afraid to show her use to her husband, so, she went into the other bedroom, however, a huge mass of papers, her papers, was all over the bed. Then, she went into the office, and the office chair on roller ran into the desk, ruining the experience. Then, she went into the bathroom, however the door was broken, and she went into the shower, so her husband could not catch her in "the act". Then, she got excited after about an hour, and she made a little noise, so she turned on the water, which was really great - until she gave herself a little shock.

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