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  • Ski Trip Joke
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    There were three men who decided to go on a skiing trip.
    When they got to the only open hotel, the man at the front desk said, "We only have one room, and it only has one bed."
    Then three men were freezing cold and they were exhausted, so they agreed to take the room.
    They went up to their room, unpacked their things, and all got in the same bad and fell asleep.
    The next morning when the men woke up, the guy on the left said "I have the weirdest dream. I was getting a hand job from someone, but I don't know who it was."
    The guy on the right sat up and said "No way, I had that same dream."
    The guy in the middle sat up and exclaimed, "That's strange. I had a dream I was skiing."

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