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  • Social Worker Joke
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    Bob and Tom go to the unemployment office one day. After hours of standing in line, Bob is called in to speak with a social worker.

    The social worker asks him "What is your occupation?"

    Bob replies "I'm a diesel fitter."

    The social worker informs Bob that she just happens to know of a trucking company that is hiring for this position.
    He can start in one week and his salary is $40,000 per year.

    Ecstatic, he runs out of her office and tells Tom that the social worker found him a great job that pays 40 grand a year.

    Expecting the best. Tom speaks with the same social worker.

    "What is your occupation?" she asks.

    Tom says "I sew ladies panties for a living."

    She tells him, "Tom, I have to tell you that you don't have a high-demand job. The best I can do is send you to a tailor across town who's looking for an apprentice. He'll pay you minimum wage and you can probably start in 2 months."

    Tom looks at her, very confused and says " How is that possible?? My buddy Bob who worked with me at the factory was just here before me. You hooked him up with a job that pays $40,000 a year and you're telling me that I have to settle for minimum wage??!!!

    "Of course," she says. "Bob is a diesel fitter."

    Tom says, "I know! I sew up the panties and Bob pulls them over his big head and says,
    "Yup. deese'll fit her!!!"

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