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  • Speed Limit Joke
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    A couple is driving down a road.They suddenly stop in the middle of the road and the couple unbuckle their seatbelts.

    The husband takes of his wife's top and she begins to undo his pants.

    "Oh yeah!", the both of them shouted.

    Two other drivers step on the breaks and one runs into the back of the other.

    A police officer sees the two crashed cars and the stopped car and pulls up to investigate the incident.

    He notices the first car has the window cracked down and hears moaning sounds.

    "Oh yeah, faster, oh hit it right!!", the couple said to each other.

    "What the hell is going on here?", he asked as he looked in the car."Why are stopped in the middle of the road and can't you do your bed-shakin' somewhere else?"

    "Well", the husband said." I don't see why you're mad officer, The speed limit is 69!"

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