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  • Stuck In A Cave Joke
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    Their was a girl who was cold, and hungry,and stuck in a cave.
    Then a mouse came along and says "what are you doing?"
    she says "I'm cold and, hungry, and stuck in a cave.
    The mouse said "I'll tell you how to get out the cave, but first you got to blow me.So she blew the mouse, but he ran off and starting laughing.
    Another mouse came along and asked her "what are you doing?"
    She says "I'm cold,and hungry,and stuck in a cave".
    So the mouse says to her "I'll tell you how to get out the cave".
    She says "How?"
    The mouse said "First you got to blow me."
    Out of options she blew the mouse, but he ran off and started laughing.
    So one day because of all these mice, she went crazy and got out the cave.
    The question Im asking you now is "How did she get out? Well if you blow me I"ll give you the answer."

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