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  • Stupid Trouble and Manners Joke
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    There was once 3 brothers, called Stupid, Trouble, and Manners.
    One day, the 3 brothers went to a park to take a stroll.
    Manners said, "I have to go to the Gents. Please excuse me."
    While Manners went to the Gents, Stupid looked around and thought, "Oh no! Where is Trouble?"
    Because of that, Stupid went to the Police Station. He then saw a police officer doing paperwork and attending people.
    When it was Stupid's turn to ask, the police officer said, "Sir, are you looking for anything?"
    Stupid then said, " I went here to look for Trouble."
    The police officer, stunned, said, "What is your name, sir?"
    Stupid replied, " Stupid."
    The police officer, asked once again, with anger, " What is your name, sir?"
    Stupid replied impatiently, " Stupid!"
    The officer, fuming with anger, shouted, " WHERE ARE YOUR MANNERS!?"
    Stupid shouted angrily, " IN THE GENTS!"

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