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    There is a drunk horny man driving through L.A. late one night. He finally decides to pick up a hooker. At this time, almost all of the hookers are gone. He eventually finds one. They go back to his house. He asks her, "How much for a hand job?" she points to a ring on her finger, she says, "I got this ring from one handjob."
    Well, this guy is really horny, so he pays it. It's the best handjob he's ever had. He then asks her,"How much for some head?" She points out the window at a cadillac," See that car out there," she says,"I got that from one blowjob." This guy is confident that the blowjob will be as good as the handjob, so he pays. Extremely satisfied, he asks how much it is for pussy. She takes him over to the window once again, "You see that condo over there?" she asks. "If I had a pussy, I'd own that."

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