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  • Superman Joke
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    Superman was flying around Metropolis looking for trouble when he spotted Wonder Woman apparently sunbathing nude on top of a building.
    "Well," he thought to himself, "Iím so fast I bet I could fly down there and nail her before she even knew what hit her." So he undid his yellow belt, lowered his red shorts, flew down, did his thing and soared off into the Metropolitan sky. Wonder Woman lay stunned. "What was that?" she asked,
    "I donít know," groaned the Invisible Man, "but my ass sure is sore now."

    One day, Superman got bored so he wanted to hang out with the Super Friends. He went down to the Bat Cave and found Batman and Robin working on the Batmobile. He asked them, "Hey, guys, you wanna hang out?" Batman said, "Oh we'd like to Superman but we gotta get this thing fixed. We were running the Joker down the other day and it lost a wheel so he got away." Superman's like, "Alright."
    Superman went downtown and found Spiderman with a guy tangled up in a web. "Hey, Spiderman, you wanna hang out?" "Oh, I'd like to but I gotta get this guy on down to the station, you know, paperwork and all that mess." "Ok."
    Superman got to thinking, "I'll bet they're just blowing me off. I'll go down to Wonderwoman's house, put on my X-ray goggles and see what she's doing. If she gives me some dumb excuse, I'll know they're just blowing me off."
    Superman went to Wonderwoman's house and put on his goggles. He saw her laying buck naked on her bed. Superman got this idea that he would uses his super speed, get in there, do his dirty deed and get out and she wouldn't know what hit her. He went in there and got out. Wonderwoman asked, "What the hell was that?" Then you heard Invisibleman say, "I don't know but all of a sudden my butthole sure is throbbing!"

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