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    Jessy is a very beautiful girl with big breasts and bottoms, so all guys seeing her would run after her and flirt. But the problem is that her pussy has bad smell like onions. and every guy dating her would leave when they get a sniff.

    She was about to be desperate when she asks for advice from her friend Jane. and Jane said, I have a cousin Jake who had been hospitalised for nose problem and he can't smell anything now, let me arrange the two of you.

    The arrangement is ok. Jessy and Jake became a pretty nice couple.
    The night they first have a sex, Jake took out all Jessy's clothes, and started to kiss her from the forehead, nose,lips,breasts, and navel. When he came to the pussy, he reacted screaming: shit, why are you that smelling?
    Amazed, Jane asked: Your nose can't smell but How did you know that?
    Jake: It's because my eyes are tearing.

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