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  • Three Wishes Joke
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    A young white man comes across what looks like an old rusted lamp and decides to rub it.

    Two genies pop out and say in unison "You have 3 wishes and must be made all at once!".

    the man quickly made up his mind and *POOF* he wakes up in bed with 5 gorgeous supermodels in a bedroom full of hundred dollar bills.

    He is overjoyed when he see's this, but soon gets a knock at the door.

    Two people dressed up in klu klux klan hoods and robes grab the man, drag him out into the yard, put a rope around his neck and hang him from a tree.

    The two genies take off their KKK hoods and look at each other.

    The first genie says : "I can understand why he would want 5 gorgeous supermodels"

    the other genie says "I can understand why he would want millions of dollars"

    But both genies with a look of confusion say "I just dont know why he wanted to be hung like a black guy?"

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