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  • Weed and Beer Joke
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    Beer is a good listener, it listens to ur troubles and tells you that ur you hope, it doesnt talk much.
    Try weed, it's time for you to listen and accept ur nothing and ur a slave.
    Beer takes you home if u pass out, in ways you dnt understand making you belive someone loves you.
    Weed it's either you take urself home or it sends a jini or demons.
    Beer is social and free.
    Weed makes you a toy with so much principles; you cant even bite an apple more or less than that what you think God wants.
    Beer helps you escape earth into a sweet world that you dnt even care if ur just hallucinating.
    Weed forces you to survive without questions.
    Weed makes you think you are always right but beer knows you might be wrong but that doesnt mean a death sentence.

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