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  • Wonder Woman Joke
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    Superman was out one morning flying along the coast. With much of his delight he spots Wonder woman lying on the beach tanning in the nude.
    Instantly he can't help but think of how nice that would be.
    He quickly thinks of Lois Lane and how much he loves her.
    Than again temptation of Wonder woman's dark naked body and her brunette hair laying accosted the sand for the taking.
    Again he snaps out of it thinking how could he live with himself, Lois and he would be done She would never forgive him.
    This time temptation pushes relentlessly. Superman can not take it. Blood instantly flows below his belt making him super hard.
    He thinks to himself, I'm the man of steel, more powerful than a locomotive and faster than a speeding bullet I could fly down there, hit that and she wouldn't even know what ever hit her.
    Superman swoops down faster than a speeding bullet, he is in and out.
    Wonder woman opens her eyes and says," what was that?"
    The invisible man goes," I don't know but my ass sure does hurt."

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